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Rising Loaf, the best Bakers in Ernakulam, makes handcrafted premium made-to-order baked goods without using food preservatives and additives. We offer custom cakes, fine gourmet desserts, and delicacies. Our blends are unique as it mixes in a good deal of talent, expertise with natural baking ingredients to give you the best experience of sweetness and taste. We, Wholesale Bakery in Ernakulam are obsessed with using only high-quality and fresh ingredients in our products to maintain the authentic taste and fresh flavours in our confectioneries.

All our loaves of Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Donuts & Muffins, and Cupcakes are baked with a lot of care and filled with love in the most hygienic environment in Ernakulam. We ensure that our employees adhere to the standards of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for workplace and personal hygiene. At Rising Loaf, we measure success with the fullness of the smiles of our customers as they taste our delicious products and come back for more. They are the feathers in our caps, our motivation to bake and serve better. Thanks to all of your love and support!

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We are passionate about creating the highest quality Healthy Bread in Ernakulam that contains no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

We always bake fresh batches of cookies. Do check out our delicious collection of Cookies in Ernakulam. From our famous Chocolate Chip to our Oats Raisins Cookies etc.

Cakes are a symbol of celebrations. Cakes are what makes an occasion a special one. Any party would seem empty without a cake, especially Birthday Cakes in Ernakulam.

Our Cupcake Shop in Ernakulam made a variety of cupcakes with the finest ingredients. Each and every Cupcake flavor is indulgent and perfect for any occasion such as birthdays.

"Cakes are special.

Every birthday, every celebration ends with

something sweet, a cake, and people remember.

It's all about the memories."

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If you are a Donut & Muffins lover then look no further for we have the best Donuts online delivery Kochi to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fresh, delicious, and made-to-order we have five classic frostings to choose from.

Satisfy your evening snack cravings with the savoury products on our menu. Our Veg, Chicken and Egg puffs are pulled straight from the oven and delivered to your door while still warm from Bakers in Ernakulam.

There is nothing like the delicious aroma of fresh baked goods. Choose from the top Burger Buns Suppliers Ernakulam. Whether it’s a burger bun or a hotdog bun or a pav bun, our range has something for everyone.


Enjoy our delectable range of teatime cakes that are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee from the best suppliers of Teatime cakes in Ernakulam. We includes the delicious banana cake, marble cake, chocolate cake etc.


Are you looking to learn the basics of baking to make foolproof breads, cookies, tea time cakes, etc… then look no further and please feel free to contact us. We are offering hands on classes in baking and cake decorating. The hands on classes are limited to three seats in strict adherence with the norms of social distancing. You can schedule the classes as per your convenience.


We are very happy to have tried their Multigrain Bread and Chocolate Cup Cakes. Both items were of very good quality and freshly made. We found from their menu that they have a wide range of baked products and we intend to try these items. Ernakulam needed such a place and we wish them all success.

My kids love your products so much that they can’t wait for any special occasion to order cake. It’s becoming a habit to order every other week.

We were very happy to have tried their Multigrain Bread and Chocolate Cup Cakes. Both items were of very good quality and freshly made.

We found from their menu that they have a wide range of baked products and we intend to try these items. Ernakulam needed such a place and we wish them all success.

I loved the packaging to begin with . I used Pav yesterday and I loved them. Thank you so much. The quality of ingredients was good and so was the end product. I’ll for sure re-order soon.

Loving those loaves…both are just baked to perfection….thank you…will pass among friends…..

Divine was the banana cake….perfect level of sweetness and walnut in every bite..couldn’t ask for more…well done…

All the items are very tasty and soft…loved it.

Cake is super….

My family likes your stuff. Thank you for providing good products.

The pizza base and garlic knots were delicious. The freshness of the items showed in the taste and aroma….keep up the good work.

My wife and kids loved the cake. They say this was even better than the “Chocolate Layer Cake” Thanks again…Your team is doing a wonderful job. All the best.

Thank you for your prompt service.

Thank you so much! It was soooooo beautiful and very very yummy!!! Just wanted to let u know that the cake was absolutely perfect.

Same rotiboy taste. Coffee bun was very tasty n yummy.

Delicious donuts and we like it.

Puffs are perfect and very very goooooddddd…..

The cupcakes were moist and delicious…good job. The garlic bread tastes good, however it was a bit dense.

Cake is so tasty and looking beautiful. Your service also good. Thank you.

Puffs were flaky and delicious.

I loved the banana cake. I’m eating little little bit everyday because I don’t want to finish it. Rather savor the taste everyday.

The cake was excellent

Thanku so much for your cakes and bread…

Cup cakes were yummy and tasted really good. Garlic bread was really soft.

I just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely perfect….Thank you so much for all your help…..I really appreciate your willingness to work with us on such a short notice. We will definitely remember you for future orders.

Ghee cake was so yummy with perfect taste. ….. Everyone like it. Thank you for the cake and delivery.

Yesterdays items were hugely appreciated. The cream buns just melt in the mouth.

Coconut cookies was tasty n all of us liked it so much.

I have ordered teatime cakes numerous times and they are very fresh and tasty every single time. The eggs puffs and veg puffs are also very fresh and delicious. They deliver to the doorstep which is very convenient. It’s a must try place.

Kochumon Mathew

Tried their marble cake and it was amazing. Can’t wait to try other products from their menu. Delivery was prompt.

Nimmy George

The cake was ordered for my Daughter’s 12th Birthday party. It was absolutely perfect!! Guests at the party were raving about how beautiful it was. People could not stop talking about how delicious it was! Everyone wanted to know where we got it. I will definitely be ordering from Rising Loaf again! Thank you!!

Ram Nagesh